Water-cooled Screw Chiller (Heat pump) Hi-SC S Series

Hi-SC S Series is designed to provide efficient cooling for large buildings and facilities. It is featured with twin screw compression technology and triple lubricant protection measures for high-efficiency and reliable operation.

Well-proven Twin-screw Compression Technology, Efficient and Stable

The well-proven twin-screw compression technology allows fewer running components and higher reliability for the compressor.

Three-stage Oil Return Technology

The three-stage oil return technology ensures sufficient oil supply for the compressor, while avoids excessive oil enterin the system to lower the heat transfer efficiency, so as to ensure stable and efficient operation of the system.

Multiple Protections

The unique liquid homogenizing plate design and optimized heat exchange tube arrangement ensure uniform refrigerant distribution and sufficient heat exchange. The high-efficiency internal and external ribbed copper tube tooth profile for flooded evaporator improves heat exchange efficiency. CFD simulation is applied to perform numerical simulation and analytical study of finite elements. Experimental results are reliably analyzed to further optimize the gas channel, ensuring efficient heat transfer. The copper tube is immersed in the refrigerant, and a strong nucleate boiling is formed on the surface of the copper tube, giving high heat transfer efficiency. The water flows inside the copper tube so that the heat exchanger is easy to clean.

New High-efficiency Flooded Evaporator

The unit has multiple protection measures, such as water anti-freeze protection, water cut-off protection, high voltage&low voltage protection, over-current protection, power supply protection, discharge temperature protection, sensor fault reminder and so on. So as to ensure the safe operation under the complex working conditions.

Water-cooled Screw Chiller(Heat pump) Hi-SC S Series Lineup