Hi-Therma Split

ATW heat pump system is a ground breaking low energy system for cooling, heating and domestic hot water production, which delivers outstanding performance, even at extreme outdoor temperatures.

Eco-friendly Refrigerant R32

R32 refrigerant contributes to meeting the F-gas regulation targets as described in EU regulation 517/2014. Hisense Hi-Therma heat pump system adopts R32 refrigerant, which is a perfect solution for attaining the new European CO₂ emission targets.

High Efficiency A+++

Hi-Therma offers the best and effcient solution for home heating and hot water supply. It has the top class A+++ enargy classification under the low-temperature water condition, and A+++ under the mid-temperature water condition, which ensures you make savings on your energy bills, reducing electricity consumption and the impact on the environment.

Interlock with 3rd Party Heat Source

Hi-Therma system can interlock with the 3rd party heat source, like the solar thermal or the boiler which can work as an auxilia heat source. Thanks to the interlock design, both the user experience and energy efficiency can be optimized.

Wide Operation Range

Stable operation is guaranteed, even with outdoor temperatures as low as -25℃, effectively satisfying the heating demand in extremely cold areas. It can generate up to 60℃ leaving water from the indoor unit. Besides, the operation range of DHW is extended to 40℃, and the water inside the water tank can achieve max.75℃ with electric heater, enabling effective sterilization.

Two Separate Temperature Cycles

Two temperature zones through the separate heating cycles is possible with the mixing valve kit, enabling different water temperatures for underfloor heating and the radiator.

Hi-Therma Split Lineup