Hi-Smart H Series

Hi-Smart H series, front flow product, is designed and developed with state-of-the art technologies. It’s focusing on customers’ various requirements and comfort.

High-efficiency DC Inverter Compressor

A high-efficiency DC inverter twin rotary compressor is adopted. It features unique dual-pressure chamber design and symmetrical location, which can effectively reduce the vibration and noise and improve the compressor performance, especially the performance under low-frequency operation. Moreover, the dual rotary compressor has a small lubricating oil injection volume with stable oil retum, and comes with a gas-liquid separator, which makes the system more relable.

Optimized Air Duct System Design

An additional air duct like channel surrounding the fan is designed to further discharge the air and avoid discharge air from being absorbed again. Besides, together with the 30Pa external static pressure, air is tested to discharge up to 24% further compared with the conventional one.

Wide Operating Range

Extended operation range creates wider application potential. In cooling mode the maximum operation range is from -5℃ DB to 50℃ DB and in heating mode the maximum operation range is from -20℃ WB to 15.5℃ WB, which adapts to many extreme conditions.

Outdoor Unit Noise Control

Auto Night Quiet Control
In general, people are more sensitive to noise at night. Night quiet mode can be activated when necessary, and the noise can be reduced by up to 8dB(A).
Low Noise Mode
Users can flexibly set the low noise mode at any time. There are three levels for choice, which can be set on the controllers or the PCB.

Hi-Smart H Series Lineup