Hi-FLEXi S mavo Series Cooling Only

S mavo series cooling only unit is based on the latest product platform. Capacity range and EER have been improved greatly compared with the previous product.

Enhanced EER

Through the optimization and upgrading of key components such as compressor and heat exchanger, as well as the state-of-the-art technologies application, the overall energy efficiency of S mavo series cooling only unit has been increased by up to 10%. What’s more, a new high-efficiency lineup is available through optimized module combination, ensuring a higher efficiency operation.

Patented 360° Fitted Refrigerant Cooling Technology

To maintain the lifespan of the delicate electronics, Hi-FLEXi S mavo series cooling only unit uses a patented 360 degree fitted refrigerant cooling technology, to effectively cool the whole electronic box. It overcomes poor heat dissipation and solves high ambient temperature issues inside the electronic box, to maintain an efficient and reliable operation under harsh environment. What's more, the refrigerant cooling unit adds a temperature sensor, which could be more precise to control the refrigerant cooling temperature and enhance the whole reliability.

Triple Backup Operation

Module Backup Operation
If one module in a combination system malfunctions, the other ones can still keep working to ensure an emergency operation until service and repair.
Compressor Backup Operation
In the single module system equipped with two compressors, if one compressor malfunctions, the other one can provide emergency operation. In the combined modules, if the compressor in one module goes wrong, the other modules can provide emergency operation. Thus a stable and continuous operation can be ensured thanks to the backup of compressors.
Fan Backup Operation
For the module equipped with two fans, if one fan breaks down, the other one won't be inflfluenced, the module can still keep working.

Max. 200% of Connection Ratio

The max. connection ratio between indoor units and outdoor units in the single module system can reach 200%, which can improve the flflexibility of design largely and reduce the cost of projects whose air condition systems always work under partial load considerably. For double modules, triple modules and four module combined units, the max. connection ratios are 180%, 160%, 150% respectively.

Hi-FLEXi S mavo Series Cooling Only Lineup