Hi-FLEXi S Heat Recovery

The S heat recovery series can make full use of energy to realize cooling and heating simultaneously in heat recovery mode and also can be used as two-pipe systems. Water module is available to be connected in refrigerant system which can support floor heating & DHW & fan coil & radiator to provide more comfortable environment.

All in One Renewable Energy Solution

Hi-FLEXi S series heat recovery unit can enable simultaneous operation of cooling and heating within a single refrigerant circuit, achieving energy savings through heat recovery. Besides, a hydrobox is availiable to be connected in the refrigerant system, providing cooled or heated water for fan coils, radiators, the floor heating and domestic hot water tanks.

Revolutionary EVI Compressor

New generation scroll compressor is now patented with higher performance capability vapour injection technology, increasing capacity up to 25% compared to conventional scroll compressor with same amount of power consumed.

360° Fitted Refrigerant Cooling Technology

With the 360° refrigerant cooling technology, Hi-FLEXi S Series will remove the heat from the main PCB, making inverter module and electrical box stable and efficiency. New and integral heat sink can help to improve the electrical reliability of the unit when it is running under high ambient temperature.

Continuous Heating during Defrost

In winter, our products can achieve continuous heating by rotational defrost, providing with a more comfortable and warmer indoor environment.

Dual 20RT EEV

Compared with conventional 10RT EEV with 480 steps, dual 20RT EEV with 3000pls can better reduce pressure loss and improve performance.

Hi-FLEXi S Heat RecoveryLineup