Air-cooled Scroll Chiller (Heat pump) Hi-Mod A Series

Hi-Mod A series can realize free combination between 16 modules, and the maximum combined capacity is 2080kW, which can be applied in large space.

Efficient Scroll Compressor

Hi-Mod A series adopts the high efficient hermetic scroll compressor, ensuring an efficient, reliable and low noise operation. What's more, the scroll compressor has small vibration and long lifetime.

Wide Operation Range

Cooling operation temperature range: 15-48℃, Heating operation temperature range: -15-25℃. The cooled water outlet temperature is 5-15℃, while heated outlet temperature is 35-50℃. It can meet the comfort requirements of air conditioning in different seasons.

Module Design, More Convenient for Installation and Transportation

The main and sub units are designed without difference, and any unit can be set as the main unit, which makes the combination and installation more convenient. Unit with different specifications of the same series can be connected freely to achieving large capacity output, and one controller can control up to 16 units, which is convenient to satisfy the various capacity cases.

Air-cooled Scroll Chiller(Heat pump) Hi-Mod A Series Lineup