Hisense Showcases Revolutionary Innovations at CES 2024

Las Vegas, 9 Januari 2024 – Hisense showcases high-end products such as the ULED X TV and Laser TV, along with solutions like the ConnectLife platform and B2B industry, including mould, medical and automotive air conditioning system products. The exhibition demonstrates Hisense’s cutting-edge technological achievements and product concepts, illustrating how Hisense seamlessly connects consumer needs through scenario-driven technology.

CES is the most powerful tech event in the world and the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. In recent years, Hisense has continuously driven the innovation and development of display technology through solutions represented by ULED X technology. ULED X is equipped with 8K Hi-View Engine X image processing chip. With deep neural network learning and image remodelling technology, picture resolution and details are greatly enhanced. 110UX honoured with CES 2024 Innovation Awards, introduces a new level of display precision and performance with 10000 nits peak brightness, 40,000 backlight zones and 110-inch screen. The 98UX, while ensuring a high-quality picture quality, experience is equipped with Dolby Atmos Flex Connect to provide consumers with an immersive audio-visual experience. The 75UX measures a depth of less than 14 milimeters, making it Hisense’s thinnest Mini-LED TV ever made.

As the pioneer in Laser TV innovations, at CES 2024, Hisense exhibits a variety of solutions, which continue to highlight Hisense’s leading position in the field of laser display. The world’s first 8K Sonic Screen Laser TV is equipped with sonic screen with 3.4m2 sound area, with its sound comes from the screen offering an immersive experience. The Rollable Laser TV goes beyond the constraints of traditional installations. Smart control enables precise one-touch lifting or hiding of the screen. The modular separation of the main unit and screen allows for flexible assembly and easy relocation, transforming the living room or bedroom into a cinema anytime, anywhere. Ultra Slim Laser TV is the smallest 4K 88-inch Laser TV in the industry – 70% smaller than previous models.

Hisense also redefined what’s possible for Laser TV in high dynamic range, brightness and contrast. Ultra Black Laser TV Screen contains micro-nano, anti-glare film technology that improves light utilization efficiency – delivering unprecedented improvements in the display brightness and contrast. Dynamic Light Steering Laser TV is equipped with local dimming technology, bringing ultimate viewing experience of high brightness, high contrast and high color gamut. In addition, Hisense demonstrates In-Vehicle Projection System, which adopts advanced laser projection technology to stimulate vehicle use scenarios, including AR Heads-Up Display (HUD), window projection, and headlight projection. The product won the CES 2024 Innovation Award for its perfect application of laser display technology to a consumer’s in-car situation.

Different scenarios are set to show Hisense’s thinking and exploration on different solutions. The booth sets up a game area, showing improvement in the game performance through products like TV and Curved-Screen Gaming Monitor; Virtual reality technology, like AR/VR devices, provides solutions for education, training and other scenarios. Canvas TV area shows the unique balance of blensing technology with art and personalization. Future of Smart Kitchen improves the way consumers approach meal preparation, by introducing technologies that prioritise convenience and precision. For example, refrigerator can simplify daily tasks by keeping inventory of food, offering curated recipes; and tableware can be easily cleaned through the dishwasher, so as to save users time and facilitate their easy preparation of delicious dishes.

Hisense’s Smart Home Strategy focuses on scenario-driven technology, tailored to consumer needs. The ConnectLife platform links diverse smart devices for an integrated home experience.

Hisense B2B industry also brought high-quality products and solutions to CES. Hisense Smart Energy Management improves energy utilization efficiency from the aspects of efficient use of renewable energy, product energy saving and ConnectLife energy management system. Hisense Medical showcases industry-leading ultrasound device and endoscopic monitor, helping with diagnosis; Hisense mould with automotive mould products debut, shows Hisense one-stop plastic and metal solutions.

As the world’s largest and most influential annual consumer electronics technology exhibition, CES is a valuable opportunity for Hisense to showcase its technological innovations and explore the development direction of the industry. In the future, Hisense will continue to carry out scenario-driven innovation, promote the progress of display technology, and serve consumers with high-quality products.

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